Nude makeup

500 UAH*

It's all about the nude. Natural makeup is almost like a breath of fresh air, feeling easy and free. It isn't limited to boring beige, I'll create your individual "no makeup" look. Trends come and go, but nude makeup will never go out of style.


Evening makeup

500 UAH*

Classic makeup or new trends, dream girl or powerful look? Beauty it is all about how you feel. Be ready to get your stunning look that demands attention.


Wedding makeup

650 UAH*

Bridal makeup it is your perfect look on such special day. Let’s discover all the fun, flirty, and fierce colors, luminous skin or dramatic day eyes.
I will find a natural way to look like you glow on your perfect day.

Makeup trial - 650 UAH*


Commercial makeup

from 500 UAH*

Clap your hands, Babes!
I know how to make your makeup look amazing for shooting.
Get your blush on.



Full: 250 UAH*

coloration: 150 UAH*
form correction: 150 UAH*


Makeup lessons

All prices are actual for Ukraine

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